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A Cell & Tissue Focused
Contract Research Organization (CRO)

Discover the exceptional STELLα experience, where the focus is convenience, service, and quality. As a premier non-clinical contract research organization, STELLα’s mission is to drive innovation in the life sciences industry by focusing on cell and tissue services.

Why Choose STELLα?

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At STELLα, the value of time is well understood, and a comprehensive suite of services is offered tailored to research needs. The extensive range of services caters to unique requirements, ensuring a seamless experience and allowing clients to concentrate on their core objectives while STELLα handles the rest.


Customer Service

Customers are at the heart of everything STELLα does. The dedicated team of seasoned professionals is committed to providing exceptional customer experiences and building lasting partnerships. STELLα guides and supports clients through every step of their research journey, ensuring a smooth and satisfying experience.



STELLα is committed to delivering accurate, reliable data clients can trust. The highly skilled team, backed by years of experience, is well-equipped to confidently navigate the complexities of preclinical research. This commitment to quality output provides clients with an ideal foundation for their projects.



The wealth of experience and industry knowledge of the STELLα team sets the company apart. STELLα ensures that clients receive industry-leading support and guidance throughout their research process. With diverse cutting-edge services, STELLα enables customers to execute innovative experiments and advance their discoveries.


Cell & Tissue Focus

STELLα is unique in that our team has years of experience in working with cells and tissues. Most CROs can’t offer the depth of knowledge and experience specifically related to cell and tissue-related research.

The STELLα Edge

Efficiency & Expertise

Efficiency: STELLα’s cell and tissue research services offer customers the ability to obtain tissue-related results prior to animal phase research, saving you valuable time and resources.
Expertise: The STELLα team's wealth of experience in the field ensures that you receive industry-leading support and guidance throughout your research process.
Core Services At A Glance
  • cell (1)
    Tissue & Cell Culture

    • 2D
    • 3D
    • Advanced Tissue-Mimetic Culture Technology

  • dna

    • Western Blot
    • ELISA
    • Cell Sorting
    • Bio-Assays
    • RT-qPCR
    • and more.

  • dropper
    Histology & Immunolabeling

    • Fixation
    • Trimming
    • Tissue Processing
    • Embedding [Paraffin and Cryo]
    • Sectioning
    • Staining [Histology & Immunolabeling]

  • microscope (1)

    • Colorimetric Imaging
    • Fluorescent Imaging
    • Confocal Imaging
    • Slide Scanning

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Experience the STELLα Advantage

Choose STELLα and reap the benefits of partnering with a Contract Research Organization that prioritizes convenience, service, and quality. STELLα’s experienced team and comprehensive suite of services will empower you to confidently accelerate your research. Contact us today to learn more about how STELLα can support your next project. Together, we will illuminate the path to scientific breakthroughs.

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